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Application Fields

NevPanel® panels are insulation and decoration panels which can be used in all kinds of building applications, indoor and outdoor environments. NevPanel® panels can be easily applied in desired dimensions and forms with its unique structure. NevPanel® panels may be used together with various Insulation materials to form new featured constructional Insulation components. Partition walls and sandwich panels that provide excellent fire resistancy, high heat and sound insulation can be formed by building combined structures; using NevPanel® panels together with insulation materials such as featured EPS, glasswool, polyurethane foam, expanded perlite etc.

• Interior and exterior coating in buildings

• Exterior sheathing & façades and claddings

• Partition wall systems

• For fire insulation

• For suspended ceiling and raised floor systems

• Sound insulation

• Usage of roof sheathing panel

• Light Steel and prefabricated buildings

• In fire insulation of load bearing systems in heavy steel structures

• Insulation of cold storage rooms

• Manufacture of furniture (fireproof door, bench, wardrobe, etc.)

• Underfloor support material on the ground concrete

• Backing board for tiled surfaces.

• Places being exposed to water and damp

• Production of Fire Door and Fireproof Shaft cover.

NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.