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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NevPanel®?
100% natural and environment friendly high featured insulation and decoration panel made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and reinforced by fiberglass fabric.

What are the sizes of NevPanel® plates ?
Standard sizes are 1220 x 2440 mm and; Dimensions up to 3300 mm. can be custom made.

Does NevPanel® require a special application technique?
NevPanel® is a material that can be applied easily with standard panel application methods.

Are the plates hard to cut?
NevPanel® plates up to 10 mm can be cut even with a box cutter and can easily be cut with standard hand saw.

What are the thicknesses of NevPanel®?
It is produced with thicknesses 4mm - 25mm.

Where can NevPanel® be used?
It can be used in interior and exterior surfaces, in roofs as a siding element, in covering floors and mezzanine floors; in suspended ceilings, interior partition walls for decoration; in protection of load bearing systems of buildings, in prefabricated buildings, in places such as chimneys, where there is fire risk and all other places where fire, heat, sound and water insulation is required. It is also the only composite panel that can be used against effects of fire and sea water in shipping and yacht building sectors.

How are NevPanel® panels’ joints applied?
A space of 2-3 mm is left when applying NevPanel® Panels and the space is filled with polyurethane mastic. The special NevPanel® joint tape is applied over it and only joint tape surface is coated with acrylic based putty.

Does NevPanel® require application of satin plaster?
NevPanel® surfaces are ready for mesh and putty paints. Satin plaster application is not required. When smoothing required in NevPanel® surfaces, acrylic based putty should be preferred instead of satin plaster.

Is it possible to apply wallpaper over the panels?
Since NevPanel® surfaces are smooth and does not create dust, wall paper can be applied directly over it without further process.

NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.