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Interrior Wall / Double Side Cladding / Double Carcass Profile / Rockwool

Fire Resistance min F-60+

Filling Material Rockwool, etc.

Thickness min 15 cm

Weight 32 kg

Sound insulation 40 - 56 dB

Heat insulation Lambda: 0,052 W/m.k

NevPanel® Mgo construction panels can be used in all kinds of insulation solutions in buildings. The dry wallsytems constructed with NevPanel® panels carry high features. Thanks to its wide use of range, panels can be used in external/internal walls, sheating, siding, partition walls, steel & prefabricated structures and buildings, as roof backlayment, tile backlayment, raised floor systems, suspended ceilings and in areas exposed to damp and moisture. NevPanel® can be used in any application that requires fire protection, heat/sound insulation and water exposure.


• A1 Class fire resistancy

• Excellent heat insulation

• Excellent sound insulation

• Ecologic

• Not effected from water/moisture and damp

• No development of fungus/insect/mold

• No release of toxic


Wall thickness Profile type Panel thicknesses Rockwool thicknesses

Rockwool density

Sound insulation Wall weight
min 15 cm

Box profile

Sheet profile

8 mm

10 mm

12 mm

5 cm

7,5 cm

50 density

70 density

40 - 56 dB Approximately 32 kg
NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.