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NevPanel® Application Details - 1

NevPanel® MgO Boards can be cut with a quality utility knife up to 10 mm thickness. 12 mm thickness and up can be cut and shaped with hand-saw or portable horizontal saw.

Diamond tipped, hard concrete cutter or hard metal threaded cutters should be used. For minimum dust development the use of sharp and fine cutters is suggested.

NevPanel® Boards are used with C profile, U profile and M profiles, galvanized box profile and wooden profile. Sheet thickness of sheet profiles should be minimum 0,6 mm and up.

NevPanel® Boards have different composition details depending on the area of their use. In a standard partition wall application, NevPanel® boards are screwed to the preconstructed studs with appropriate screws. A 3mm-gap must be left between the panels. Joint paste is applied to the joint gaps. Joint tape is mounted on the paste. To smoothen the panel surface an additional thin layer of joint paste is applied on

the joint tape and screwheads. Finally all joint-paste applied area is straightened with a large spactula.

Constructed partition wall system is ready for a planned final touch such as painting, hanging wallpaper, installing wall tile etc. For paint application the use of NevPanel® N01 Primer Undercoat or equivalent is recommended.

During application make sure the surface is clean and dry. All paste applications shall be made at appropriate (between +5°C to +30°C) temperatures.

NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.