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NevPanel® Comparison Chart


  Plasterboard Cement-based panel Plywood O.S.B.
Flame spread none   low none high high
Sound Insulation high   little little little little
Smoke development none   little none high high
Water and damp effect Resistant   No resist No resist No resist No resist
Fungus-Mold Formation none   yes none yes yes
Durability to Termite yes   yes yes none none
Heat Insulation: R Value 1.2   0.9 0.8 1.2 1.0
Impact strength high   low low normal normal
Inflammableness none   flaming none inflammable inflammable
Load-bearing quality yes   none none yes yes
Environmental quality high   low normal normal low
Icing and freezing durability good   low good good good
* Evaluations in the table been obtained from the test results in their own plants of magnesium board producers in America and China.
NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.