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The first made-in Turkey Magnesium Oxide panel at world class quality.

NevPanel®insulation and construction panels are made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and reinforced with glass fabric. Panels are structurally 100% ecologic and natural.

Easy installation saves from time and labor . Magnesium oxide dry wall systems increase the room space by minimizing the thickness of the walls . Also panel’s light weight takes the additional load from the building structure which also helps to improve safety and quality of the building.

Thanks to its green and recyclable nature , panels contribute to green and sustainable projects .

Below are the main features of NevPanel® insulation and construction panels;

· A1 Class Fire proof

· Water resistant and dump free

· High Heat and Sound Insulation

· Environment friendly : Concerned about the nature and human health

· No Discharge of Toxics

· Insect and Bacteria Free

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  • NevPanel® is a Nevra Yapı brand.